Dosage of CBD Oil: 3 Suggestions to Find Your Ideal Dose, Part 1

August 8, 2019  •  By Amelia Gerrard

Dosage of CBD Oil: 3 Suggestions to Find Your Ideal Dose, Part 1

A question we hear daily is “how much CBD do I take?”, and it’s a dosage of CBD oil that can truly vary day by day depending on a lot of different factors including:

  1. Your mood
  2. Your ailment and
  3. The way you’re ingesting CBD.

Since the industry is on the rise and experts are continuing to conduct research, this is not medical advice. Here are three suggestions to help you get to the right dose of CBD for you:

  • Concentration: Take a look at the product’s CBD concentration, which should be noted on the label, as seen on BWell’s Select CBD Recover Pills.
  • Serving Size: Compare with the product’s total serving size, also noted on the label, take into consideration the amount a single serving entails, and build your ideal dosage from there
  • You: Consider your weight and the condition you’re focusing on. For example, if you prefer CBD flower or CBD vape pen. There are a few tools to help you get started but we’ve spent sometime compiling this information into a chart below.

A simplified CBD dosage chart to help you make the right decisions and not waste product

*Dosage suggestions are based on 2 daily servings

For a low CBD dose product try this Daytime oil (16.66mg per dose):

For a medium CBD dose product try this oil (33.33mg per dose):

For a high CBD dose product try this oil (100mg per dose):

Three Suggestions to Find Your Ideal Dosage of CBD Oil, a simplified chart for ease of use

Take into account other factors

It is also important to think about the speed of your metabolism, the type of product you’re choosing to ingest (edible, oil, topical, flower, pill or concentrate) and how long that may take to feel its effect.

For example, a pre-roll that you smoke could get into your bloodstream quicker, resulting in faster-feeling effects, whereas an edible may take more time to eat and ingest (about 30-45 minutes), and will likely take longer to reach your bloodstream.

Understanding bioavailability and how that works with your metabolism is very important. It might seem a little complex at first but we cannot stress enough how important it is to understand how these two factors play into your purchase decision. The last thing we want is for you to be wasting your money!

We’ve got your back, always. That’s why we launched!

There is so much garbage product and false advertising out there that our sole goal is to make sure we educate our community AND are fully transparent always.

Be patient and playful in the process to determine your ideal dose of CBD, but be sure to consult your doctor if you’re seeking professional medical advice since these are not yet FDA approved medicines or dietary supplements.

**The results displayed in the chart are based on objective data that may not be relevant to you. This tool is not intended to replace a recommended dosage from a certified physician. This chart is intended to suggest a possible dosage based on your weight and pain level. Because there are many other factors that will determine your dosage, the results from this tool may not be accurate.


Amelia Gerrard