3 Benefits and Uses for CBD

January 9, 2020  •  By Amelia Gerrard

3 Benefits and Uses for CBD

Let’s be real, more often than not we find ourselves in awkward situations with strangers, friends, or family members where we wish we had a creative and fun way out. We’ve pulled together 3 Benefits and Uses for CBD where these products can come to the rescue.

Uncomfortable social setting

Have you ever been at a birthday dinner or house party where the conversation starts to run stagnant? You reach a point in the night where the host is scrambling to think of a game that will bring the group back together and the energy level back up.

You reach into your pocket and offer everyone tasty CBD gummies like our Flav CBD Sour Belts in mango, strawberry, watermelon or apple are a perfect option. Those in the group that already love CBD will be stoked, and those that are new to CBD might be curious about it. Regardless, the sour belts will spark a new conversation for everyone and the awkwardness will start to disappear.

Alternatively, CBD pre rolls are a great conversation starter. Especially around Juul vapers, cigarette smokers and/or friends smoking weed joints.

Over-exert yourself doing physical activity

You’ve gone on a run, hike, or gym sesh to try and impress your crush – you’re exhilarated, you made cute small talk and he (or she) asked for your number, so you’re feeling great!

After getting home from said physical excursion, you are horrified to realize that you’ve: a) banged your toe on a huge tree root; b) pulled a muscle; c) are in general pain. In this situation you pull out your cool relief balm or drop a revitalizing CBD Bath Bomb into the bathtub for a relaxing soak. After all, Cannabidiol is an all-natural remedy used by many Americans to relieve common ailments.

Gift-giving occasion slipped your mind

Your anniversary (or Valentine’s Day) is quickly approaching and you realize you haven’t thought of a special gift to give your significant other! Scooping a few CBD products from our trusty online marketplace is a thoughtful and quick way to avoid the awkwardness of not having planned anything out way ahead of time. CBD products are also a fun way to add romance and adventure into your relationship. Take a look through our array of CBD topicals and mix and match to create your own gift set.

These three instances are only a few of life’s awkward moments that could be improved, to an extent, with CBD products. If you’re  running low on your stash, or are new to the world of CBD, check out the diverse mix of products and brands that we offer. All of our products can be shipped right to your door to help when you next find yourself in an awkward situation.


CBD products are very versatile and bound to integrate themselves into your daily life. Have fun testing and trying all of them!


Amelia Gerrard