How to Stay Safe While Using CBD Vapes

June 17, 2019  •  By Mercury

How to Stay Safe While Using CBD Vapes

CBD is completely legal now. This is good news but some miscreants have exploited the legalization of CBD vape pen in a bad way. Over the years, the use of CBD has increased for different reasons. Some use CBD for health purpose and some for addiction (getting high). Two major reasons for CBD related deaths are overdose and contamination. Many people fail to understand the health complications of CBD. In this guide, you will get to know how to Stay Safe when you use CBD related products.

Buy From Trustworthy Suppliers

Not everyone can sell CBD over the counter. Suppliers and retailers need to have a legal license for trade and retail. On top of that, a prescription is also necessary if you want to buy cannabis products. Buy cannabis from a government approved companies or retailers. As there are many regulations and restrictions, check FDA regulations and government approved seal or certification before buying.

Stay Away from Synthetic CBD

The market is flooded with synthetic CBD, which is a mixture or an impurity added to give different results at the same cost or lower cost. One such synthetic CBD is 4-CCB (4-cyano CUMYL-BUTINACA). Another example is 5F-ADB or 5-fluoro MDMB-PINACA, which creates a panic attack, high blood pressure, and heart rate, organ damage, convulsions, etc. If there are any cheaper versions without any government and FDA approval, avoid such cannabis oils, vapes, and Edibles.

Determine the concentration and purpose

Not all CBDs are extracted from the same plants. So, read description, specifications, and ingredients of CBD vapes along with their concentration level. Different concentrations are suggested for different ailments. For example, high CBD to THC ratios is for gradual treatment of chronic pain and depression. If the concentration is not supported by the FDA of Cannabis, avoid such vapes. Further, watch out for online sellers as it is difficult to track the information on the origin of products.

The usage method should be governed

Watching online videos and podcasts gives you an idea about the usage of cannabis but you should research before you implement any of the methods in your life. The best way to stay safe is going for federal government approved and hospital backed vaping method. Try to perform the action under medical observation for the first few times so that you understand the complexities of vaping. As the smoke gets in the lungs, any side effect will lead to death or overdose. Try smaller dosage and then move to a moderate dosage based on your ailment and doctor’s suggestion. Micro-dosing is the best method to stay away from side effects of cannabis.

Stop when you recover

If you are using the CBD vapes for treatment purpose, concentrate on your health. Regular check up on your ailment will allow you to assess the effect of CBD on your body. If the effects are good and if you have recovered from the ailment, it is better to reduce the dosage or stop the intake unless the doctor has advised otherwise. Repetitive use may lead to other complex health issues. Stop the treatment when it is needed to be stopped. A slight addiction will lead to a quick collapse of the immune system.