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Health Benefits of CBD Gummies: 6 Surprising Ones

Health Benefits of CBD Gummies: 6 Surprising Ones

January 27, 2020  •  By Carla Pope

Health Benefits of CBD Gummies: 6 Surprising Ones

As the new years kicks in, the top players in the cannabis/hemp industry are looking to get everybody and their cousins hooked onto at least one type of cannabinoid. At the moment, CBD is becoming very popular as an “alternative” medicine, and people who have issues with the pharmaceutical industry are at the forefront pushing for safer and all-natural options for treatment of common ailments.

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The movement behind CBD is fuelled mainly by scientific research that seems to suggest that the medical community has been looking in the wrong place for a wonder drug, when all they had to do is smoke a joint or take a tincture.

Who knows how things would have turned out if hospitals gave out weed cookies for anxiety, and prescribed a joint per-day for depression; instead of those nasty chemical antidepressants that have led to the deaths of 10s of thousands of Americans.

So because of their collective failure, we are left to try and manage common ailments with chemicals that are churned out by Big Pharma – and the problem is, sometimes they cause more problems than they fix.

Which is what brings us to CBD. This little hemp compound that has gotten every tongue wagging; with many in favor of trying it for general self-care, and others worried about using THC as a medicine.

We certainly don’t advocate for the cessation of conventional drugs in favor of CBD. That would be reckless considering that we don’t have decade-long research to learn whether CBD works better than pharmaceuticals in treating specific conditions; or that it doesn’t pose any risk to long-term users. BUT everyday there are new testimonials and studies backing this beautiful plant and its compounds.

Strict procedures have been put in place to make sure that approval of new drugs by the FDA follows years of investigative studies that shows a drug to have the best possible health benefits to users, with the lowest possible risk.

But having said that, we definitely can’t ignore the centuries-long culture of smoking and ingesting cannabis; both for medicinal and recreational purposes. Even if scientists only begun looking seriously at CBD a few years ago, there’s a lot about cannabinoids in general that people know about; and this often comes from having years of experience with weed.

So What Are CBD Gummies?

Dozens of CBD products have come out in recent years, and they pretty much have the same cannabidiol as the active compound. The only differences worth noting are perhaps the methods used to extract CBD from hemp, the quality of the hemp and the extracts CBD, the quality of the formula, and the different types of delivery methods that cater to a variety of needs. For example, edibles vs hemp flower.

In the case of CBD gummies, they are basically sweet treats for kids and adults, and contain different flavors.

CBD Gummies vs THC

One thing worth noting is that CBD is non-psychotropic, while THC will get you stoned. Aside from that, both compounds have immense therapeutic value and may be used to enhance human health.

Surprising Health Benefits of CBD Gummies:

Without sounding overly promotional, CBD does have its benefits when it comes to your health; and as mentioned, cannabidiol will work on you the same way regardless of how you take it. CBD gummies are great for carrying around, and can be consumed without anyone knowing what you’re really taking. Other CBD products are available for you to try.

Here are some interesting proposed health benefits of CBD gummies:

  1. Promotes Relaxation

CBD gummies offer you a nice way to stay chill, especially if you tend to get anxious and stressed from work or dealing with people. Just pick a flavor you like and keep the sugar content low: the CBD will help calm your nerves.

  1. Acts as a Digestive Aid

A number of processes make CBD good for your digestive system. One of those is CBD’s ability to produce antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which minimize inflammation of the digestive tract. The other process involves CBD’s effect on insulin function and also processes such as metabolic function, which tends to be more streamlined when we ingest CBD.

  1. Pain Relieving Effects

Chewing CBD gummies can actually help with pain management, and this is due to a strong painkiller effect that cannabidiol has on people (and pets too!).

  1. Anti-seizures Properties

Although we don’t recommend that you stop taking anti-seizure medication, there is some indication that CBD may be used to enhance neurological function especially in people with epilepsy, seizures, and other similar conditions involving the nervous system.

  1. Facilitate Sleep

CBD increases quality of sleep and this may be caused by relaxation of the muscles, the pain-relieving properties, and an increase in melatonin, which regulates sleep. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that taking CBD gummies at work will cause you to fall asleep – although very high doses of CBD can cause drowsiness. It just makes it easier to sleep.

  1. Improve Focus

If you’re having trouble keeping a straight head at work or school, it may be due to stress, anxiety, lack of sleep; or a combination of other common factors. CBD gummies can help keep your mind sharp through their neuro-protective action, and CBD’s broader effects on mental health.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways that CBD may be used to support human health, and so these are only a few known benefits that most people will appreciate. We can expect to learn more about CBD as more research comes out.


Carla Pope

Carla enjoys long walks on the beach and hanging from a hammock when not working 17 hours a day researching and writing about wellness practices and products.