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CBD Mango Belts - 250mg

by Flav CBD


CBD Mango Belts - 250mg

by Flav CBD


Made from the finest ingredients, Flav CBD Mango Belts are as delicious as they are effective. The perfect everyday treat to support your daily needs. Relax, stay focused, and enjoy the day.

Contains ZERO THC
Lab Tested
Money Back Guarantee
Made in the USA

Ingredients & Usage of CBD

25MG CBD Per Gummy / 10 Gummies Per Bag

Flav keeps it real and all-natural with these ingredients. Everything is sourced here in the USA and we NEVER add anything as filler. Every ingredient adds benefits.

Fresh Mango Extract
Pure CBD Isolate
Organic Cane Sugar

CBD Gummy FAQs

What benefits do CBD edibles offer?

Millions (and soon Billions) of humans around the world have already benefited from the use of cannabidiol (also known as CBD).

A lot of studies now reveal it has been used to treat a wide range of issues.

Can these CBD edibles go bad?

They have a shelf life of 12 months (once opened) but like everyone else, these won’t last you that long. You’ll devour them in a couple weeks.

Why choose CBD edibles?

Everyone is different, but there are some distinct benefits offered by edibles. First, the Flav CBD gummies use only the highest quality broad spectrum distillate, which leads to the best possible absorption.

Second, they are a convenient option that can easily be taken with you to work, school or anywhere in-between.

Third, it is far more socially acceptable to enjoy a couple gummies than it is to pull out a vape or fire up a pre-roll.

Finally, our gummies are vitamin-infused, super tasty and most importantly: healthy.