Using CBD to Relieve Menstrual Discomfort

October 21, 2019  •  By Bethan Rose

Using CBD to Relieve Menstrual Discomfort

Did you know that the average woman has over 400 periods in her lifetime? A big portion of females dread the “time of the month” and since half of menstruating women suffer from cramps, there’s no wonder why!

Statistics from Women’s Health suggest that 80% of females experience period pain at some point in their life. Approximately 5-10% of those women say that the pain is so intense that it negatively affects their life.

This study claims one in four women who endure severe cramps may consider using CBD for menstrual discomfort. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid that has shown neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in vitro. It can be extracted from the hemp or cannabis plants.

Common Questions Regarding CBD for Menstrual Discomfort

Prostaglandins are the name of the chemicals that cause period pain. In order to discard of the old uterus lining, prostaglandins are essential.

Unfortunately, the process can be quite painful, especially during the first day(s) of a period.

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions regarding CBD for menstrual discomfort:

Is CBD good for menstrual cramps?

A study published in the European Journal of Pain revealed that CBD may reduce pain and inflammation when applied in animal models. Studies have shown the cannabinoid’s potential at inhibiting inflammatory neuropathic pain responses.

Queen Victoria clearly knew the benefits of using CBD for menstrual cramps; rumor has it that she used CBD in the 19th century!

Can CBD help regulate periods?

CBD hinders the activity of enzymes responsible for heavy bleeding and inflammation. What’s more, CBD activates hormone production in the endocrine glands, suggesting that it may have potential in regulating hormone levels and irregular periods.

Can CBD help endometriosis?

In the absence of controlled clinical research, it’s tricky to say exactly how beneficial CBD may be for endometriosis. Nonetheless, many women say that CBD helps in relieving endometriosis-related pain.

Does CBD help with PMS?

Some women report experiencing mood swings, bloating, constipation, food cravings, tiredness and/or fatigue, anxiety and/or stress, breast tenderness and cramps either before, after or during their period.

This bundle of unwanted symptoms is known as premenstrual stress (PMS). Although further research is needed, CBD may alleviate PMS symptoms when it binds with receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is responsible for regulating bodily functions like mood, appetite and stress.

Recommended Ways of Using CBD for Menstrual Discomfort

The idea of using CBD for menstrual pain is promising for women who experience side-effects from alternative meds. The non-intoxicating substance offers a method of consumption to suit all.

1. CBD Oil

CBD-rich oil can be vaped or dropped beneath the tongue (sublingual). The effects are fast-acting, since the cannabinoid is absorbed directly through the mouth’s mucous membrane.

2. CBD Oil Spray

Daily users would benefit from the precise dosing that is guaranteed with CBD oil spray. This is also a sublingual method of administration.

3. CBD Edibles

Experience zero lung irritation and enjoy the long-lasting effects of CBD edibles. Absorbed via the gut, edibles kick-in slowly, but last for up to eight hours.

4. Full Spectrum/Whole Plant CBD

If you use full spectrum/whole plantCBD for menstrual cramps, you will benefit from an abundance of additional cannabinoids and terpenes, too.

5. CBD Isolate

In its isolated, crystalline powder form, CBD is 99.9% pure. This is a better option for consumers who don’t want to experience the “entourage effect” triggered by whole plant extracts. Isolated CBD for menstrual cramps will have had chlorophyll, oils, waxes and anything else that’s not CBD removed from it.

6. CBD Pills

A convenient option that can be used on the move, CBD-containing pills can be swallowed at any time of day for swift symptomatic relief.

Choose Hemp-Derived CBD for Menstrual Discomfort

Although products containing CBD for menstrual pain can be produced using cannabis or hemp, it is important to remember that cannabis is still illegal at the federal level.

The cannabis plant can grow with high levels of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC  (tetrahydrocannabinol) – a mind-altering substance that induces a “high” in consumers – whereas hemp-derived CBD products grow with no more than 0.3% THC and are legal in all 50 U.S. states.

A reputable supplier of hemp-derived CBD for menstrual discomfort – such as The BWell Market – will have obtained a Certificate of Analysis from each of its brands, so you can rest assured that the potency and ingredients are non-psychoactive and safe for consumption.

Bethan Rose

Bethan Rose

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