CBD for Sleep: 3 Products to Support a Restful Night

August 15, 2019  •  By Bethan Rose

CBD for Sleep: 3 Products to Support a Restful Night

Are you getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night that doctors recommend for overall health and wellbeing?

If you’re not, you might consider introducing CBD into your health and wellness routine, so as to ensure you catch plenty of Z’s.

If you are, you might still consider introducing CBD to maximize the restful night.

Unfortunately, 25 percent of people in the United States – or one in four Americans – will develop insomnia on an annual basis. This is according to a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in June 2018.

Regardless of what is causing a sleep disturbance, such as medication, stress, anxiety, illness or something else, it’s important that you take control of your sleeping pattern to maintain good health and energy levels. Since CBD possesses analgesic potential, it’s certainly worth a try!

What does “analgesic” mean? Analgesic means:

Ways to Consume CBD for a Healthy Sleep Pattern

A 2015 study involving 163 adults revealed a significant improvement in 81 insomniacs who used CBD to induce undisturbed sleep, with an additional 14 participants reportedly benefiting from cannabis to prevent nightmares.

Why not see if it works for you too?

The following types of CBD products offer different routes of administration, but share the same analgesic benefits:

  1. CBD Oil Drops – For swift effects, drop some CBD-rich oil beneath your tongue so that it lands directly on top of the capillary beds. This method ensures that the bioavailability of cannabinoids are maximized. What’s more, CBD oil drops (also known as tinctures) are absorbed directly into the bloodstream for almost-instant effects. Why not promote the entourage effect by choosing a lavender- containing CBD oil like this one? A study from 2015 demonstrated how lavender terpenes can successfully promote deep or slow-wave sleep (SWS) in both men and women.
  2. CBD Pills – Capsules that contain a concentrated dose of CBD offer a convenient option that merges accurate dosing with discretion and longer lasting effects. CBD pills are not marketed and sold as medicine but rather, as a supplement. BWell stocks a range of CBD capsules that are filled with 99.60% pure isolate.
  3. CBD Edibles – Satisfy your sweet tooth before your head hits the pillow (just make sure to wash your teeth!) by indulging in a chunk (or two, or three…) of CBD-infused chocolate. This white chocolate and real raspberry bar from one of our favourite brands, Flav, contains 100mg of CBD, which will start to work its magic 45-60 minutes after ingestion – just enough time to catch an episode of your favourite show before passing out. Although the effects kick-in slower than they would if you were to smoke or vape, the steady-release effects will last for the vast majority of your sleep cycle.

More Studies are Needed to Determine the Efficacy of Using CBD for Insomnia

While it is hard to ignore the therapeutic potential of using cannabinoids like CBD to promote a deep sleep, further research is required to fully ascertain whether or not insomnia sufferers can treat sleep disorders using CBD products. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not tolerate “cure-all” health claims, since federal restrictions on cannabis have hindered progress on clinical trials in humans.

Nonetheless, the research that does exist is predominantly positive. What’s more, CBD is non-psychoactive and will not produce mind-altering effects like its psychoactive cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) will.

With that being said, so long as you buy your products from a reputable online seller like The BWell Market, you really have nothing to lose!

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