Where is Güüd from?

Oregon and Nevada, USA

Why is Güüd so popular?

Transparency and traceability. Two words that they live by and the reason why they’re listed in the BWell Market. It all comes back to accountability.

What makes Güüd unique?

Experience with hemp and formulations. Little did you know that the majority of the well-known CBD brands in the USA use Güüd’s private label services to formulate their products! With Güüd, you’re getting the original source!

Buy and Review Güüd CBD brand online USA

Güüd formulates their CBD products in view of their loved ones. Utilizing just the most excellent and pure ingredients. Before any Güüd products ever go on sale to the public, they ask our loved ones to try them out and test them (of course, after being thoroughly lab tested). Having the endorsement of their loved ones is of most extreme significance to them.