FAQ Frosty's Extract CBD

Where is Frosty's Extract from?

San Diego, California

Why is Frosty's Extracts popular?

Their ethos says it all: “Do goof for the people and the planet”.

Frosty’s started with one seed about 9 years ago. That seed then grew into over 1,000 acres of organic hemp over the past 9 years, and today Frosty’s Extracts is proud to be one of America’s leading CBD provider that you can trust.

What makes Frosty's Extracts unique?

Their experience. Their formulations. And their passion for the industry! Frosty’s is one of the CBD industry pioneers; they started 9 years ago!

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At Frosty’s Extracts, they only create products that they themselves would be proud to use. We at the BWell Market can vouch for this as we did a full tour of their facility and even tested all of the products with their team! That is why they go the extra mile to ensure they are licensed and chain of custody compliant. From end to end, you can ensure Frosty’s products are tested and proven. Frosty’s approach is holistic: from the soil they choose and use, to the seeds and genetics they plant, to how the mother hemp plants are dried and to the final extraction. Everything Frosty’s dose works together to create a superior product.