CBDfx is an innovation leader who offers organic CBD products formulated in Southern California.


Aktive helps provide lifestyle CBD solutions with specific products with answers and results.

Habit CBD

Habit CBD provides Habit crafted CBD products that span from award-winning beverages to premium organic hemp pre-rolls and connoisseur favorite CBD dabs.


Frosty's Extracts is a fully-licensed, chain of custody compliant, diversified hemp grower and CBD producer, processor, and distributor out of the beautiful PNW in Oregon.


Feel good again, theCBDway. Organic and fully compliant products from California.


Güüd is a Pacific Northwest stalwart devoted to our core mission; providing the highest quality hemp derived CBD products. Made in-house.


Stop the pain with Elixicure CBD pain relief products.

Flav CBD

Flav CBD has a wide array of CBD product types available. This allows them to supply customers with what they need, when they need it.

Select CBD

Select CBD offers pure hemp-derived CBD oil products enriched with refined essential oils & other natural ingredients.


How did we pick these brands?

Well, the consumer community actually did it for us. We just listened to all of you!

What criteria is considered?

REAL user reviews & first hand testimonials, consistent quality through lab testing, VALUE, effectiveness, and quality control.

Where do our the products come from?

America. All of them are made in America. From the hemp flower to the formulating and manufacturing, everything happens on American soil.

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BWell Market was founded upon the idea that everyone should have access to quality CBD tinctures and products. But with the market so saturated these days, it’s hard to determine what’s quality, and who to turn to when making purchasing decisions. To that end, BWell curates a CBD marketplace so that the consumer doesn’t need to think twice about whether the products they’re perusing are quality — that’s because BWell already vetted them as pure, simple, and natural.

CBD has been known to help people in so many ways, each person is different and we want to preserve the true benefits of CBD for the future. The industry is attracting fakers, that don’t care about community. That’s not us.

One thing we noticed was that the majority of CBD products available to Americans consisted of single-brand online stores and we wanted to change that. We’ve put the purchasing power into the consumers’ hands by launching a multi-brand marketplace. 

We understand that credibility is a must with unestablished brands in young markets. Customer reviews become critical with the ability to compare multiple products. Lastly, our goal is to keep things exciting for the customer by consistently providing new offerings. We’re putting pressure on the brands to consistently put out premium quality products and to innovate on products that already exist.

Every product found on BWell contains less than 0.3% THC and is made exclusively from legally grown hemp.

CBD Brands Shop Online USA | Online Reviews

By now, you’ve probably heard a thing or thirty about CBD, the new health & wellness ingredient that absolutely everyone’s obsessed with; From your mom and dad to grandparents and 1st grade teacher. Whether the preferred delivery method in a mango gummy, a nighttime oil, a more recreational dab, or a high CBD flower joint, cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive compound derived from organic hemp plants that has gained a lot, a lot, a lot of traction for some of it’s healing properties like: anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, anti-nausea, and more.

Here you will find USA’s best CBD brands with real user reviews. Our focus is to support key CBD brands that produce high quality product consistently.