Are vapes right for me?

If you enjoy vaping and the effects of CBD then this is the perfect product for you.

If you’re a novice CBD user this is a great product to start with due to the convenience.

If you are an experienced user then this is a great product for you because of the high bioavailability!

CBD Vapes are overall fantastic!

Do the cartridges fit a 510 thread battery?

Yes, they do. If you already have a 510 thread battery then there is no need to buy anything else. The cartridge is good to go as soon as you open our package.

How long do disposables works? How do I turn it on?

It depends on how much juice there is. Typically, the 500mg disposable vapes last 50-80 inhalations. That is, 3-second inhalations.

There is no button to turn them on. Inhale through the mouth hole (on the opposite side as the light) to activate the unit.

Do vapes have an odour?

The aroma is in-line with the terpene blend. For example, a grapefruit vape will smell and taste like grapefruits. So on and so forth.

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