CBD Flower | What are the benefits?

As we progress forward and hemp CBD products become more accessible across the USA, consumers are continuing to learn about the many uses and benefits of products like CBD flower, pre rolls, and joints.

We have a few points you should take into consideration when shopping CBD flower

  1. Taste: no one loves nasty tasting products. All of our products and put through intense taste tests to ensure that you’ll enjoy every puff of your new best friend.
  2. Price: price match guaranteed! We already know we have the lowest prices but if you find a comparable at lower please email us.
  3. Lab tests: it’s important to know that you are getting the advertised amount of CBD!
  4. Source: it’s important to know that you are getting a disposable CBD vape pen with premium and pure ingredients.
  5. Convenience: a CBD flower product has to be transportable, reliable and capable of helping throughout your day. Toss one in your bag for when you feel stressed or need a little focus energy. AND forget about having to buy nasty tobacco tar-filled cigarettes.

Feel free to browse through our selections of CBD flower products at BWell Market, as we offer a variety of fully organic options. Also, it’s important to note that these products contain no THC, additives, nicotine, or other yucky stuff.

BWell delivers everything you need in terms of the highest quality CBD flower from America’s favorite brand and most trusted farms.