Will the CBD pre rolls help me quit cigarettes?

There have been studies that show using CBD is an effective way to treating your tobacco and nicotine habit. Please check it out here.

Why consume pre rolls?

Well, there are many reasons and it all really depends on your:

  1. Inhalation is the best way to get your CBD fix quickly
  2. You are tried of strong high (strong THC) effects yet still find the act of smoking relaxing and calming
  3. Looking for creative ways to get over your cigarette habit
  4. It’s an effective way to reap the benefits of the terpenes infused into the organic hemp

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The magic of CBD Flower, joints, and pre-rolls is that there is only the legal amount of other cannabinoids yet no chemical additives, nicotine, OR psychoactive high. A CBD pre-roll or cigarette is made with hemp instead of purely tobacco or a mixture of tobacco with other additives.

It is said that CBD can help you quit traditional smoking cigarettes although studies are very young. Testimonials from the American community show that this is true. We’ve found that these pre-rolls help quit traditional cigarettes. Whether it’s the high CBD strain pre-rolls or cigarettes actually helping curb nicotine cravings or it’s the act of replacing tobacco smokes with hemp smokes, they are providing positive results!

Notes: high CBD strains do have some aroma. The aroma is based on the terpene profile that comes with that blend or strain. The terpene profile is what brings the added therapeutic effects. Please refer to our menu to checkout all of the high CBD strain pre-rolls available to you.