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FAQs CBD Edibles

How do I know how many gummies I have to eat? Or how many CBD edibles to eat?

We’ve taken the difficulty out of figuring this out by compiling a very simple CBD dosage chart for you.

What is the difference between a CBD edible and an oil?

It really just depends on personal preference. Taste and enjoyability being the biggest factors. Although, the biggest difference is the sublingual oil drops are faster acting. Edibles take longer to be digested and absorbed.

Learn more about the proposed medical benefits of CBD edibles here.

How long do edibles last? What is the best place to store?

We recommend storing your CBD edibles in a cool dry place, such as you would store any other gummies or baked goods. Refrigeration is not necessary but will prolong shelf life.

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Combining premium CBD extracts with natural flavors, our edibles are a fantastic and casual way to get your CBD intake. Are you trying to find CBD edibles review? We front line customer reviews so that those of you doing your research get to read about first hand experiences. They're not just for chilling out. Why do people eat CBD edibles? To alleviate pain, help with pain, promote overall health and wellness, and more.