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Why Choose The BWell Market?

The BWell Market specializes in the online sales and distribution of CBD edibles, oil drops, hemp extract supplements and other premium wellness products.

Founded to formulate wellness products for Americans, BWell’s success is driven by our desire to help people live their healthiest lives while not breaking the bank. The core mission of BWell is to make a positive impact on the world, one day at a time. Expanding the availability of high-quality cannabis products is one of the ways we want to go about this.

Speaking in simple words, we are involved in producing the highest quality, carefully formulated CBD products in the market. Our focus on the quality and purity of ingredients, proprietary approved formulations and multi-stage lab testing are a part of our commitment to the customers.

We 100% require Certificate of Analysis from our brands. We thrive to lead the industry through transparency and quality.

As one of the top hemp-derived CBD product companies of the United States, BWell works to meet the ultimate goal of helping people and their loved ones live a healthy, happy life. Our vision is to pave the way for a range of CBD wellness products which promote a healthy body and mind.

Our Core Pillars


We, at BWell, use one of the best quality control systems in the industry and a transparent manufacturing process. We have strong, fair relations with our brands.


We ship our CBD products and hemp extracts to all 50 states of the US to be able to serve a large number of people in different areas.


We follow a fair pricing structure and believe in passing on our savings to customers through discounts, loyalty points, and flash sales.

Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing top class customer support. We want to be known in the industry for our exceptional devotion to clients and their well-being.

Our Products


BWell wellness products are carefully derived from a special breed of therapeutic hemp plants grown on licensed US farms. All our products are natural, whole-plant extracts and not isolate or synthetic. The plants used to produce our wellness range are grown using sustainable, organic farming practices.


We employ advanced practices to promise a continual enhancement of the natural CBD plants and ensure a highly pure and safe product with unbeatable transparency, regulation and potency.

We use the latest engineering processes to be able to manufacture premium quality wellness CBD products over a complete spectrum of cannabinoids. Our special extraction process ensures that the entire spectrum of cannabis is retained in the final blend.


We monitor our products right from their cultivation and extraction to formulation and packaging. BWell CBD wellness products are completely natural with no use of preservatives and additives and feature all the essential oils and cannabinoids of the original, natural plants. We strive to deliver the highest-grade CBD products in their most simple, pure form.

Considering CBD the biggest health and wellness story of the generation, we proudly help millions of people around the world discover its benefits.